“My first wrap all day out in public. It’s staying on!!!!!! I was running late, so I was worried. This is me during chemo. I’m so grateful to have found Wrapunzel. Spreading Wrapunzel love all over the hospital!” – Chrissie R.

“I so wish an organization like Wrapunzel Foundation was around when I was going through treatment for breast cancer. What you are doing is AMAZING!”

“I can tell you, as a cancer patient, nothing is quite as emotionally draining as sitting in the waiting room of the cancer center. Any sort of distraction would be a welcome change from the thoughts running through our heads. I wish someone would have come in to help boost my spirits a bit. Yes, we did have people who volunteered to come chat with us, but telling my cancer story over and over just made me sad. A headwrap is a great equalizer. A beautiful wrap makes people happy, no matter what the diagnosis.” 

“The knowledge that I was going to lose my hair was worse for me than losing my breasts. I’ll never forget the day I found Wrapunzel! It literally changed my whole cancer journey! I loved having a way for creative expression again; Before chemo, I had had long, strong, beautiful nails and loved to do nail art. The cancer took that from me. Now, with Wrapunzel, I reclaimed my self! Finding the Wrapunzel style allowed me to feel beautiful again!” – Martina Lara, Arizona, Breast Cancer Survivor 2002 and currently in treatment for recurrence in 2015

“You got me through chemo with just your video tutorials. I know you’ll be a godsend to thousands of women with what you can do now.”

“I wish there had been something like Wrapunzel Foundation when I was going through breast cancer treatment. It was hard to feel beautiful with all the loss I had experienced–loss of my breasts, my hair, and much of my femininity. Wrapping makes me feel beautiful. Thank you for all you do!”

“Losing my hair from chemo was one of the most difficult side effects to face as a young woman with breast cancer. I didn’t love the look or feel of wearing a wig, but for the times when I wanted to leave the house and feel confident, wrapping my head in a scarf helped me feel like I could still blend in, with a bit of added style. I’m so grateful to Andrea for teaching me some tricks of the trade for wearing my scarves in different styles, and I’m thrilled that other women will be able to receive that same gift through this foundation.” – Steph Gilman, Breast Cancer Survivor. Celebrity Advocate. Writer, author of Pass Me Another Cupcake, and Elle Magazine Canada columnist

“I’m so incredibly impressed and moved by the existence of the Wrapunzel Foundation, by the enthusiasm and the generosity of spirit, by the empathy. To make religious women feel that they are wearing a crown, to feel beautiful and themselves is an amazing thing, but to do it for women of cancer, women who are ill and women who can’t afford to cover but need to or want to, in unbelievably special. It is an honour to donate. Andrea, you and your team are so inspiring.

With mazal, this is an amazing, amazing thing.” – Danila Vernon