Meet the Wrapunzel Foundation Team!

Dr. Miriam Pardo, Founder

Dr. Pardo is a two-time cancer warrior!  She had melanoma at 17 and breast cancer at 45, and deals with long-term illness on a daily basis.  Faced with these difficulties, Dr. Pardo found a way to keep her spirits up and skin smooth when she began Hope Solid Lotion.  She packaged her own handmade solid lotions and lip balms into ‘Cancer Care Kits,’ which quickly became popular among other women in treatment.  Her experiences as a patient and an entrepreneur lend her a valuable and vital perspective for her work with the Wrapunzel Foundation. Dr. Pardo holds a  Ph.D. in Communication Studies from Wayne State University and resides in Brooklyn, NY with her amazing husband and genius 10 year old son.

Andrea Grinberg, Board Chair; Owner,

From day one of covering her hair, Andrea has been a pioneer for creative women around the world, unwrapping the mystery of beautiful scarf tying. From humble beginnings as a blog, Wrapunzel has grown through the efforts of Andrea and her team into a tremendous resource and community for women worldwide who cover their hair. When not hanging out in Wrapunzel-land, you may find Andrea playing and teaching as a professional cellist, and spending time with her sons. She is excited to be a part of Wrapunzel Foundation’s goal of making headwrapping accessible to everyone who needs it.

Naomi Rose Herzog, Board Member

As the former Director of Operations at, Naomi Rose is a veteran wrapper.  Specializing in warm customer service emails, social media, and tutorials, she puts careful thought into the best ways to reach wrapping women with different backgrounds and needs – a goal that she’s excited to translate into work for the Wrapunzel Foundation.   Apart from Wrapunzeling, her interests include music, writing, and attempting to cook soufflé.