About Wrapunzel Foundation

Our Mission

Wrapunzel Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization spreading joy and strength through the art of creative headwrapping. We help women rise above illness and hardship by finding their inner beauty!

Our Story

From humble beginnings as a blog in 2012, Wrapunzel quickly grew into a bustling online community of followers so large and energetic that it became a major social movement. Women from all over the world were wrapping their heads in honor of dozens of different religious traditions, cultural practices, fashion statements, or in celebration of strength in the face of illness. Their enthusiasm and support for each other drew them together despite many differences in background, and Wrapunzel continued to grow – from hundreds of followers to thousands, to tens of thousands. With this growth, a need arose for a central place to find the best scarves and supplies for headwrapping – and a store, wrapunzel.com, was born in 2013.

Since then, Wrapunzel has blossomed even more – but we’re not done growing yet. Our dream has always been to spread the joy of beautiful headwrapping to every woman who needs it, and now it’s time to realize that dream. As we’ve grown, we’ve met a tremendous number of women fighting cancer, other difficult medical circumstances, and dire financial needs. A store was no longer enough. A blog was not enough. We needed something BIG.  And so the Wrapunzel Foundation was founded in 2015 – in order to help women in need all over the world!