Wrapunzel Foundation Spa Events

A WF spa event brings wrapping tools and tricks where they’re needed most! At a WF Spa event, trained Wrapresentatives will come with beautiful headwrapping supplies and materials to teach a free class (or set up a booth!) for women at a cancer treatment center.  Women can quickly learn the basic skills to tie their own wraps, and leave feeling uplifted and inspired! WF Spa events can be specifically tailored to a particular treatment program, venue, or space depending on the needs of the women there. They are free of charge both for the venue and the participants!

To apply as a host for a Wrapunzel Foundation Spa event click here. If you’re not able to host one, but would like to help out, check out our Volunteer tab above!

Wrapunzel Foundation Care Kits

Every woman facing a challenge deserves a little joy in the mail. These kits are sent free of charge to women currently enrolled in cancer treatment. They include all the essential wrapping tools an aspiring Wrapunzelista needs, including no-slip “undergarments,” scarves, accessories, and resources to reach wrapping tutorials.

Depending on the time of month and on federal and Jewish holidays when a request is received, care kits may take up to a few weeks to ship.

Cancer warriors can apply for a free WF Care Kit here.

Friends, family, and supporters can also purchase a WF Care Kit here for anyone in your life who would benefit from one!