Wrapunzel Foundation Supporters

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The support of the following generous donors made the launch of the Wrapunzel Foundation possible. We are so grateful for each and every one of you Рincluding the many who preferred to give anonymously. Our programs have their roots within your giving hearts. Thank you!

Abby Appelbaum

Jaimie Ballon

Miryam Bendicoff

Avivah Cato

Shirley DeNatale

Tiffany Duncan

Lila Halpern Besser

Resna Hammer

Tovah Hofler

Shoshana Hurwirtz

Michla Irby

Hannah Joyner

Diane Little

Enid MacNeill

Marci Manela

Amanda Moening

Andrea Pringle

Maggie Rehs

Audrey Roelofsen

Susie Rosenberg

Hannah Ruth

Jocelyn Schultz Isenberg

Amy Seiter

Elyse Shahar

Shira Sheps

Jill Smudski

Peggy Snyder

Rivka Spicer

Nehama Strauss

Jenna Twyford-Jones

Susie Vander Nat

Danila Vernon

Brocha Zweig

Steph and Jacob